This toolkit is a living document, designed with the purpose of providing resources and sharing what we have learned so far with the Nonprofit Data Collaboration Project.

These resources include the value of data & data collaboration for non-profits, a roadmap for pursuing this type of work in the non-profit sector, how to measure data maturity with collaborating organizations and build capacity towards data collaboration, and ways to bridge the gap between collaborating sectors through language.

New Brunswick Community College logo
NBCC has identified social innovation as one of its six priorities for applied research, seeking to use its talent and capacity to better its community.
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GFSI is a network of concerned organizations agencies and individuals working cooperatively and collaboratively to make Fredericton and its environs the best possible community in which to live, work, raise families and play.
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The City of Fredericton hosts the Community Prosperity Hub, providing resources and access to open source data and analysis.