Data Tools

Esir logo
Esri provides various commercial
GIS services to to collect, integrate, store, edit, analyze, share, and display GIS-Centric data. Non-profit data services are supported only when data is GIS-centric. It is not geared toward the common functionalities that are required by non-profit organizations in its design.
Outcome Tracker logo
Outcome tracker provides straight forward data management system for non-profit organizations. This includes case management, program management, and reporting.
Sumac logo
SUMAC is designed for non-profit
Client Relationship Management.
This data management system
supports scheduling activities and
tracking processes. However, it
has relatively weak data
Castor logo
Castor is a clinical data
management system with a focus
on data collection of both client,
service use, and clinician, and
integration. The existing data
analysis and reporting
functionality that is required by
non-profit organizations can not
be well supported.
Open Data Kit logo
ODK includes a suite of
open-source software designed
for non-profit and government with capabilities for data collecting, managing and using. It is customizable for data analysis, however this system requires IT staff or developers to support further data analysis.
Salesforce logo
Salesforce is a Client Relationship Management system with non-profit specific software that allow for reporting, program management, case management, and more. It is customizable and there are free licenses for non-profits that offer the baseline product, which offers reporting and program management capabilities.