Welcome to the NPO Data Collaboration Blog!

Welcome to the Non-Profit Data Collaboration Blog, the blog and announcement space for the NPO Data Collaboration Project, which aims to support non-profits in the Greater Fredericton area to:

  • Leverage data/information more effectively, and 
  • Promote the inclusion of non-profit data in public policy.  

The three year project is a collaboration between Greater Fredericton Social Innovation (GFSI), New Brunswick Community College’s Department of Applied Research and Innovation, and the City of Fredericton. We have also partnered with two cohorts of local non-profits:

In this blog we will be sharing project updates, success stories, and lessons learned as we explore opportunities to help build non-profits’ internal data capacity, leverage open data, and work towards non-profit data collaboration.

We encourage you to visit the GFSI website to learn more about the project, as well as checking out the NPO Data Collaboration Toolkit which we are building to house resources for Non-Profits and partners who are interested in building their own capacity. And, do feel free to contact us for more information! Please consider subscribing and engaging in discussion around the issue of data use and data collaboration within the non-profit sector. We’d also love to hear from you what you are interested in reading about!

Thanks for reading.


The NPO Data Collaboration Team

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